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Professional Recruiting



HRY works with employers to source the perfect candidate for the job.

We know just as well as our clients that company culture is incredibly important. The values and community that a company maintains are what create the atmosphere of the workspace and what ultimately create a great place to work.

Our process is thorough, comprehensive and personal. We get to know your company culture, needs and preferences before we even write the job posting.

The best part is that we handle everything from start to finish: job posting, prescreening of applicants, interviews, negotiating and more. 

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  • Administrative

  • Clerical

Types of Positions:

  • Human Resources

  • Management

We'll Save You Time & Get The Job Done

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If you don't have the time or resources for proper recruitment, partner with a firm that will get you where you need to be. 


Our extensive experience in Human Resources allows us to do more for our clients than just fulfilling job demands - we ensure compliance with labor laws, helping protect your company. 

Our Process

We handle everything from start to finish. You define the needs & criteria, & we take it from there. 

Get To Know You:

  • Your Company Culture

  • Needed Employee Qualifications

  • Logistical Details 

Get To Work:

  • Create Job Posting

  • Prescreen & Interview Candidates

  • Reference Checks & Assessment Test

Deliver Results:

  • Deliver Qualified Candidates

  • Aid in Negotiating Salaries & Benefits

  • Follow Up!

Kind Words From Our Clients

"It is with enthusiasm to share my experience with HRY Staffing Agency. Using HRY has been a great experience and a learning one. 


Yesenia, owner of HRY, kindly guided me as we were looking to fill several positions in my company. The HRY Team listened and also assisted in fine tuning my ad.


I trusted them, and they successfully filled positions and had great candidates to interview from. Yesenia and her team showed me generosity with their office for me to interview in. HRY Staffing agency is my go-to resource for finding qualified staff.


I am happy to recommend their services."

- Christine Sanchez

President of A-N-C Cold Storage Construction, Inc.

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